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FMUSER's SMA series fiber patch cords includes SMA905 and SMA906 types, both of them are threaded connection, which has the advantages of small size and reliable connection.




The SMA-905 fiber optic patch cord, also known as FMMA connector, was one of the First fiber optic interconnect system that gained industry wide acceptance. SMA patch cable make use of threaded connections and is still widely used for military, industrial, medical and Surgical applications and laser systems because of their low cost multimode coupling. It features simple termination and Assembly, and is TIA and IEC compliant. sma fiber patch cord SMA 905 multimode connectors are available with stainless alloy or stainless steel ferrules.




This particular cable is constructed with industry-standard diameter 1.0 mm plastic optical fiber cores/cladding, ensuring reliable performance. It features a black UL-rated chlorinated polyethylene 2.2 mm x 4.4 mm jacket with SMA 905 connectors for secure connections. The cable supports 500-1100 nm operation with a 200 μm core diameter and a hard clad silica 230 μm cladding, offering optimal signal transmission.




To enhance coupling efficiencies, the cable boasts a high numerical aperture (NA) of 0.37. This allows for efficient light capture and transmission. Additionally, the cable is designed with a robust structure, featuring a 900 μm outer jacket, reinforced with an Aramid yarn layer for added strength. A 3 mm diameter polyurethane cable jacket provides further protection against environmental factors.




With this cable, you can expect reliable performance, efficient light transmission, and durability in various applications. Its construction and features make it a dependable choice for demanding optical fiber systems.


FMUSER offers multimode step index fiber optic patch cables with SMA905 (straight ferrule) connectors on both ends. These cables are ideal for a broad range of wavelengths from 250 nm to 2400 nm.




Designed with air gap protection modified SMA905 metal connecting head, equipped large core diameter energy fiber can meet the general semiconductor laser and low power solider laser of output energy laser transmission.Connector can be used within the environmental protection technology of non glue technology,for further increase energy fiber cooling effect and service life,meet the need of laser welding and cutting that high power transmission.




Each patch cable includes two protective caps that shield the connector ends from dust and other hazards. Additional CAPM Rubber Fiber Caps and CAPSM Metal Threaded Fiber Caps for SMA-terminated ends are also sold separately. All patch cables on this page are sold from stock with same-day shipping available.




The majority of the cables on this page have orange (Ø3 mm) or red (Ø3.8 mm) PVC furcation tubing, while the Ø1500 µm core fibers are packaged in stainless steel jackets. We recommend choosing stainless steel jackets when using fibers with large core diameters (≥Ø1000 µm) or high NAs (≥0.50) in light-sensitive applications, as it is easier for stray ambient light to penetrate the Ø3 mm (Item # FT030) and Ø3.8 mm (Item # FT038) fiber jackets. Alternatively, custom patch cables may be purchased that use our black or stainless steel furcation tubing (e.g., FT030-BK, FT038-BK, FT061PS, and others), in order to minimize stray light entering the fiber.




These cables are not designed for applications that require the fibers to carry high optical powers, as excessive powers can cause the epoxy used in the connectors to experience catastrophic heating. Please consult us to on Damage Threshold tab for detailed information. FMUSER offers alternate cabling options, in addition to unconnectorized fibers, that are compatible with high optical powers. Links to some options are included in the table below.


Patch cords are available in multiple standard lengths and shipped from stock or quickly fabricated from stocked inventory to meet short delivery schedules.


тармақ параметр
сән SM/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5
А қосқышы SMA
B қосқышы SMA
Қаптаманың материалы PVC/LSZH/PU/PE or customized
Қақпақ түсі blue/orange /green /brown /gray /white /red/black/yellow/purple/pink /aqua
Талшықты санау Simplex/Duplex/Multi-core
Кабель диаметрі 2.0mm/3.0mm/Customized

Ерекшеліктері SMA 905/906 Fiber

тармақ бірлік көрсеткіш
Ferrule Outer Diameter mm 3.17 ± 0.05
Ferrule Inner Diameter
125 ~ 220 225 ~ 440 445 ~ 600 605 ~ 1200
Tolerance +0~3 Tolerance +0~5 Tolerance +10 Tolerance +10
Ferrule Concentricity мкм 3 ~ 5 5 ~ 10 10 ~ 15 15 +
Қосқыш пішіні / Outside Round Knurled Nut/ Outside Hex Nut
Құбырлы материал / SMA905:304 Stainless Steel/Zirconia Ceramic;SMA906:304 Stainless Steel
Boot size mm 0.9/2.0/3.0
Жұмыс температурасының диапазоны
-40 ~ + 120
кірістіру жоғалту dB ≤1.0
Return Loss dB ≥30


  • Good Fatigue Resistance: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord exhibits excellent fatigue resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability even under repetitive use.
  • Connector Diversification Options, Special Customization: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord offers a wide range of connector options, allowing for customization to meet specific requirements or applications.
  • Large Core Optical Fiber, Multiple Optional Specifications: This patch cord accommodates large core optical fibers and provides flexibility with multiple optional specifications to suit various wavelength ranges, ranging from 105 μm to 1500 μm and 190 nm to 2500 nm.
  • Салалық стандарттарға сәйкестік: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord complies with industry standards, including IEC, Telcordia GR-326-CORE, and YD-T 1272.3-2005. This ensures adherence to recognized quality and performance benchmarks.
  • Төмен кірістіру жоғалуы: This patch cord offers low insertion loss, minimizing signal attenuation and preserving data integrity during transmission.
  • High Return Loss: With high return loss performance, the SMA connector type fiber patch cord reflects a significant portion of the signal back towards the source, ensuring optimal signal quality.
  • Excellent Repeatability: The patch cord demonstrates excellent repeatability, maintaining consistent performance over numerous connection cycles.
  • Environmentally Stable: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord maintains its performance and stability under varying environmental conditions, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging environments.
  • High Density Connection, Easy to Operate: The compact design of the SMA connector enables high-density connections, making it suitable for applications where space is limited. The patch cord is easy to install and operate.


  • Азық-түлік қауіпсіздігін сынау: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord is suitable for food safety testing applications, enabling reliable and efficient transmission of optical signals for analysis and detection purposes.
  • UV for Skin Care Applications: This patch cord can be utilized in UV-based skin care applications, enabling precise and accurate delivery of UV light for various therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.
  • Medical Light Detection Devices: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord is well-suited for medical light detection devices, providing the necessary connectivity for accurate measurement and detection of light in medical instruments or diagnostic equipment.
  • Industrial Control, Factory Automation: In industrial control and factory automation systems, the SMA connector type fiber patch cord facilitates efficient data transmission, enabling seamless communication and control between different components and devices.
  • Industrial Spectral Detection: The patch cord can be used in industrial applications that involve silicon, liquid, or spectral detection, providing reliable and precise optical connectivity for accurate analysis and measurement.
  • Optical Applications Experiments and Measurements: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord is suitable for various optical application experiments and measurements, offering stable and reliable optical connections for research, development, and testing purposes.
  • Automotive, Aerospace, and Military Applications: With its durability and reliability, the SMA connector type fiber patch cord is well-suited for use in automobiles, aircraft, and military applications, providing secure optical connections in demanding environments.
  • Тестілеу жабдықтары: The patch cord is commonly used in testing equipment, ensuring accurate and efficient testing and measurement of optical signals.
  • FTTX+LAN: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord is applicable for FTTX (Fiber to the X) and LAN (Local Area Network) deployments, enabling high-speed and reliable data transmission in these network architectures.
  • Optical Fiber CATV: This patch cord is suitable for optical fiber CATV (Cable Television) applications, ensuring reliable transmission of high-quality video and audio signals over optical fiber networks.
  • Optical Communication System: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord is widely used in optical communication systems, supporting low loss, high transmission rates, and precise optical connections for efficient data transmission.
  • Телекоммуникация: With its high precision and reliability, the SMA connector type fiber patch cord is commonly employed in telecommunication networks, ensuring seamless and efficient communication between different network components.
  • Storage Network: This patch cord is well-suited for storage networks, providing reliable and high-performance optical connections for efficient data storage and retrieval.
  • Systems Integration for Long Haul, Metro, and Access Network: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord facilitates smooth integration of various components and devices in long-haul, metro, and access network systems, ensuring efficient and reliable data transmission.
  • Fiber to the Indoor (FTTX) Test: The patch cord is suitable for FTTX testing applications, enabling accurate and reliable testing and measurement of optical signals in fiber-to-the-indoor deployments.
  • Лазерлік хирургия: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord can be used in laser surgery applications, providing precise and stable optical connections for surgical instruments and devices.
  • Photodynamic Therapy: This patch cord enables reliable and efficient transmission of optical signals in photodynamic therapy, ensuring accurate and targeted treatment.
  • Spectral Measurement: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord is applicable for spectral measurement applications, enabling precise and reliable optical connections for accurate analysis and measurement of light spectra.
  • Laser Bonding: With its stable and low-loss optical connections, the patch cord is suitable for laser bonding applications, ensuring precise and efficient bonding processes using lasers.
  • Illumination and Sensor: The SMA connector type fiber patch cord can be used for illumination purposes, delivering optical signals to illuminate specific areas or objects. It is also compatible with various sensors, providing reliable optical connections for sensor applications.


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When it comes to SMA jumper cords, we prioritize providing high-quality products that ensure reliable and efficient fiber optic connectivity. Trust our comprehensive selection of SMA jumper cords to meet your network's specific requirements and experience seamless data transmission.




Upgrade your network infrastructure with Our SMA connector fiber patch cord, designed to facilitate duplex and simplex communication, support both singlemode and multimode fibers, and provide compatibility for enhanced performance and versatility.


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